JAC BraiNchild
JAC BraiNchild is a New York Underground artist from Harlem, who in a simpler form, can be labeled a rapper whose music style is Experimental Conscious Hiphop with elements of Spoken word. But once you get to know JAC, you will see that he is reluctant in calling himself simply a rapper or musician as opposed to an artistic concept in the range of a versatile perspective. He enjoys being called the “weirdo” or categorized as an eccentric enigma, because this at least exemplifies his direction to be organic and original, even in difference. JAC BraiNchild describes his craft and views similarly to how he sees life, which is the concept of viewing colors as opposed to viewing labels or trends. 
JAC BraiNchild has an extremely vast catalogue of Music which can be found on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. He has released multiple projects such as Pinky in My Brain, R.I.T.Z., The Rough Draft EP, and Sleeping Edgar - Developmental Theories. These projects portray a journey of creative growth and freedom which have led to his latest master pieces, Sleeping Edgar the EP (awaiting exact release date) and his most anticipated album, You Don’t Know JAC.   


IG: Jac_the_universe 



Latest Music video:
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cut your throat and Keep Walking
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this show kept it real

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